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"A sixteen-year-old werewolf from Oklahoma. Clifford was originally born in Georgia, but his mother moved to Podunk shortly after he was born. Clifford doesn’t trust many people and keeps his wolf side a secret. He doesn't like Eliza and currently seems to be under the protection of the White Faced Bear. He and Oscar are not-friends."

Clifford Norman
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Around 5'9 and 5'10
Weight Unknown

Clifford is a teenage resident of Podunk. He has distinct red hair and is always seen wearing his green and yellow sneakers, usually along with tight jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Clifford is able to transform into a wolf at will, which is a color of red similar to his hair. He has an adopted brother, Kevin.


Clifford moved from Georgia to Podunk as a baby with his single mother. Eventually his mother would marry Carl, and the couple would adopt Cliff's younger brother Kevin. Cliff is 16 when Oscar arrives in Podunk. Cliff smokes, drinks, and sneaks around with his friends, and regularly has injuries from fights, which have lessened since Oscar's arrival.

At some point in time, Cliff was marked, because someone is looking for him[1]. Cliff suspects this may be his biological father[2], who he assumes is part animal-person[3].


Clifford is a family name "or something"[4].

It is unclear whether Norman is Cliff's mother's maiden name, his biological father's name, or of another origin.

Supernatural Nature[]


Clifford is an animal person, able to change between his human form and the form of a red wolf at will[3], an ability he has had for as long as he can remember[5]. In his animal form, Cliff has the full abilities of a wolf as well as the ability to speak[6]. In human form, Cliff, like other wolf-people[7], is supernaturally strong and agile.





Mother - Nora Hudson[]


Cliff believes his mother does not know he's an animal person, as she has never said anything to him about it[4].

Stepfather - Carl[]

Brother - Kevin[]

Biological Father - Unknown[]

Cliff refers to his biological father as his "real dad"[3]. According to Cliff, his father ran out on him and Nora, when Cliff was a baby[3]. Cliff is excited by the idea that his mark may be a sign of his biological father looking for him. He is deflated when Oscar suggests that may not be something to get excited about.


Friends and Others[]

Oscar Wilde[]

Sylvia Snyder[]

Eliza Proctor[]

Darcy Flores[]

Darcy Flores[]


Colorado Wolf Pack[]