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"The ghost of a World War 2 mathematician, Sylvia died in 1948 and has haunted her mother’s house ever since. She was very lonely until Oscar moved in. Sylvia loves card games and learning about what has happened in the world since she died. Her emotions sometimes get the better of her and she is prone to sudden mood swings."

Sylvia Snyder
Vital statistics
Position Mathmatician
Age 27
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height 5' 4"
Weight 0 (As a Ghost)

Sylvia Snyder is a ghost who in life was a mathematician and Computer Girl in the 1940s.  She passed away in 1948.  She currently resides in Podunk. 


Born on June 7, 1920[1], Sylvia became a mathematician in her 20s and worked as a Computer Girl during WWII.  An unknown period of time after the war, Sylvia returned to Oklahoma to care for her mother[2].  She died while caring for her of unknown causes, though, on March 8, 1948[1] at the age of 27.  She came back as a ghost and stayed with her mother until her death[3].  It is unknown why Sylvia remained after her mother's passing or if she revealed herself while a ghost to her mother.  She has haunted the house ever since[4]

After her mother's death, a family moved into the house.  She came to like them a great deal[3]. Despite this, she never revealed herself to them, having been too afraid to, but she helped them in little ways whenever she could[5].  After the family moved away there was only a string of renters, all of whom she scared off, having not liked them.  This continued until Oscar spotted her shortly after renting the house and moving in, which prompted her to introduce herself[6]

The two quickly became friends, and with his help she has taken up hobbies, such as photography, and begun catching up on culture she has missed since she died.

Sylvia Snyder/Spoiler


Barbara Yaga does seem to be at least partially aware of Sylvia's existence, as evidenced by her choice of words on pages 9-11



Powers and Abilities[]

As a ghost she is able to float and pass through solid objects.  She can't smell things, and while she can manipulate unliving objects with some effort, doing so is draining, and her ability to do so at any given time is tied to her emotional state.  She can't touch anything living, though[6], instead phasing right through and leaving the person she passed through feeling cold.  Her breath can also leave glass covered in a thin frost[7].  She is also able to discorporate and become invisible.


-Sylvia enjoys reading, but couldn't do it after dying because it was often too tiring to turn pages. Oscar puts on audiobooks for her sometimes when he leaves.