Welcome to the Wilde Life Comic Wikia (WLCW)Edit

This is the fan wiki for Wilde Life, a comic by Pascalle Lepas. It was created with her approval on September 5th, 2015. The wiki is still under construction in a big way and does not yet contain much content. The comic itself can be found at A page by page summary of the comic is under construction.

About the WLCWEdit

This wiki was created to collect information about Wilde Life, for readers to brush up on old info and find out new information from obscure sources, and for those new to the comic to learn about the setting and characters. Wilde Life is a comic about Oscar Wilde, a 25 year old writer from Chicago who has just moved to Podunk, Oklahoma. It features many supernatural and mythical creatures and events. This wiki is still under construction, more description will be added here later.

Latest activityEdit

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